About Us

AGEX Financial (AGEX) is the Premier SBA Lender Service Provider in the industry. AGEX was formed in 2009 as a result of the banking crisis of Q4 2008/ 2009. AGEX has processed over One Quarter of a BILLION Dollars in SBA loans since July 1, 2009.

AGEX does not have a minimum loan size or loan volume, nor do we require our lending partners to sell on the secondary market. Our services are fully scalable to our lending partners' needs, whether that means one SBA loan or hundreds of SBA loans each year. For example, we currently have three lenders in three different states that will each process in excess of $30,000,000 in SBA loans annually. We also have several clients who will process between 1 and 5 loans annually. Regardless of size, all of our clients receive the highest quality service and all are welcome members of the AGEX Family.

AGEX Financial is Large Vendor Compliant for regulatory purposes so you won't be adding regulatory compliance issues with your relationship to AGEX.

Our philosophy is to grow with our partner institutions by providing absolutely unparalleled service, competency and knowledge about the SBA program and process. In short, our goal is to be the recognized absolute best at what we do with the primary goals of securing and protecting the SBA guarantee and creating profitable SBA departments, all in partnership with our clients.

Our Experts:

David Light
- CEO & Founder

Shannon Jefferson
- President

We Are The SBA Experts